Party Box

Party Box seamlessly connects event organizers with local promoters who use shared links to target specific social circles, ensuring well-attended events and earned commissions.

What is Party Box?

Party Box is an events platform that simplifies the process of organizing and promoting an event.

Our platform matches your events to local party enthusiasts who can promote and sell tickets, earning commissions and ensuring well-attended events tailored to specific interests and social circles.

We believe that event management software should be accessible and sustainable for everyone involved. As a result, Party Box will never take a cut from your ticket sales. Our mission is to keep our business profitable without cutting into yours.

Hire Promoters

Leverage Party Box's vast promoter network to get your event in front of the right customers.


Each ticket sale acts as a data point and enables rich analytics to give you a more complete understanding of your customers.

Automate Payouts

Party Box automatically pays out promoters and organizers at the end of each event.